What is Smartie

Super easy system for logging of hours and temperatures

Smartie TIME

With the module Smartie TIME, the planning of the workday is easy peasy. The system ensures effective time registration and easily meets the governmental requirements on personnel lists.

A beautiful tool for everybody that needs to make rosters and register hours.


Smartie SENSE

Have you experienced that a cooler or freezer has stopped working after you've left work? Have you come to work and had to throw a lot of food because a door had been left open? Those days are over! Now you get a notification when the temperature becomes critical, and you can save the food. All this in an affordable, simple and automatic solution.

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Why choose Smartie

The decision to acquire a IT-system might be difficult


Can you use Facebook and Spotify? Yes, then you will quickly learn Smartie as well


We store all your data safely, and make sure they are always available on your phone, tablet or pc

Time effective

By spending a couple of minutes daily, you accomplish results that earlier took hours


We are passionate about our customers being satisfied, and we have as a motto to always be the best alternative in the market

24/7 Support

We are always available to help if you as a customer wonders about something


We always want to think in new ways, and base our solutions on making it easier and faster for you as a user

Did you know?

Some cool facts about Smartie
Hours registrated
Active users
Read temperatures


Smartie delivers presently three modules,TIME, SENSE and STAFF.
These work perfectly on their own, but if you have two or more they feel like one fully integrated system.

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